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What is Cloud Computing?

So what is Cloud Computing.

Well the Cloud is how the Internet is drawn on a Network diagram. Since the internet is a collection of computers connected together with different smaller networks, drawing it is very difficult. This is why its drawn as a cloud as this is simple to draw and hides its complexity.

So what is Cloud Computing, well Wikipedia says this about it;

Cloud computing is a way of computing, via the Internet, that broadly shares computer resources instead of using software or storage on a local computer.

Many of us are familiar with things like Hotmail where you use your computer internet browser to access email. There are no programs to install on your computer and the email (the information) never resides on your computer. You can access your Hotmail account from any computer and it looks and contains the same things.

The key principles are that the informaton is in the cloud and you can access it safely from any computer and the “experience” is the same.

Cloud Computing is primarily a service offered by Service Providers which means the user often does not own the network and servers which are in use. The user may not know the physical location of the servers where the information is stored as Cloud Computing is a trust relationship.

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This Blog…

We have started this Blog so that we can have our say on the growing use of Internet Based Computing by small businesses across the UK. This has lots of names including Software as a Service, Internet Hosting, Internet 2.0, The Grid but the name that seems to have stuck is Cloud Computing.

We believe Cloud Computing is the future of computing within a Smaller Business whether this is through using one provider for a single service like WordPress for your Blog or by outsourcing your whole IT through to a provider like ourselves.

The future is in the Cloud. This is a good thing as businesses will be able to focus on what makes them tick without having to consider the latest Microsoft announcement. Focus in a small business (and we are one) is vital to success and this change that is happening across the IT industry and hitting every business is transforming the way we work.

We are hoping to make our voice heard and show you where Cloud Computing is going to touch you. So put away the umbrella as clouds do not always lead to rain or at least if you are prepared then the rain may hit your competitors instead.

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